5 Ways to Develop a Secure Your Web Application

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5 Ways to Develop a Secure Your Web Application

5 Ways to Develop a Secure Your Web Application

When a website or any other web app developed all the web developer assures you to build a secure a website, but in practice it is not possible to develop a 100% secure website, for anyone. After trying so hard and complex code, there is often some loopholes exist.


There are a numerous benefits of developing a secure website. Some people can crack the code and can use it for the wrong intention. Countless websites are getting hacked by the intruders or hackers on a daily basis. They might do it for the sake of enjoyment or money, and some hackers are also there who hack for good purpose and help to find vulnerabilities.


Although it is not possible to develop a website with complete security or it can say as it is impossible task for a developer, no matter how much experienced he has. But security is the foremost concern which you can‘t overlook. You can’t secure your website by writing a secure PHP code. There are some key points which you can consider while developing a web application and that can help you to provide security.

Input Validation

  • Input Validation

    With many applications you already know what kind of data you are expecting in the input. It is a way to protect yourself against the attacks is to make sure the user can enter only appropriate data. By validating an input, it is restricted to entering another kind of value. For example, in birthday field, a user can enter only in DD – MM – YYYY format. A user can’t even try to enter a string or character.

Protecting from Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks

Protecting from Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks

  • Protecting from Cross Site Scripting (CSS) Attacks

    A web application accepts some inputs from users that can be in the form of comments, threads, or blog posts in the form of HTML. Accepting the complete HTML can be dangerous from the input. Because it allows JavaScript to be executed, that may cause of cookies hijack. These cookies will allow to an intruder access to the website data.To control it there are some HTML tags or code which you can customize, there is no possible way to execute the JavaScript, it will disallow the formatting. You can allow some BB code or BB tags, which are commonly allowed on forums.

Protecting The Included Files

  • Protecting The Included Files

    PHP scripts often include the other files that contain code for things like connecting to a database. These files often given an extension .inc by some developers, if an attacker directly accesses these files, he will able to know the database credentials and will access the application’s data. That’s why it is better to use the . php extension for included code files and keep them outside of directories directly accessible by the user.

Guarding Against SQL Injection

Guarding Against SQL Injection

  • Guarding Against SQL Injection – SQL injection is one the most well

    known security attacks. It occurs when the data go unchecked and the application doesn’t escape characters used in strings. By using parameterized queries and prepared statements, you can protect SQL injection.

  • Prevent Password Cracking With Salt

    Md5 is a most popular encryption algorithm or function to prevent the password by the PHP developers. It gives the hash straight away. It is a strong prevention, but it can be cracked by using the brute force.


    To overcome this problem developers often use “Salt”. To add some more text before hashing it and then do the same user provided password. It will increase the length of the password, hence its complexity. Along with salt it is good practice to use a hash algorithm such as Sha1, Sha2, etc.


All these key points are surely helping you to develop a secure web application. Keeping all these in mind, it may overcome the vulnerabilities.

How much does it cost to make an IOS or Android app?

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How much does it cost to make an IOS or Android app?

How much does it cost to make an IOS or Android app?

To develop an OS whether an IOS or an android app is depends on some criteria. When you are just talking about the cost, it depends on the factors. You can hire a team of two or four members working on front-end and back-end. The Front-end team working for designing and the back-end team will work on logics or MVC. Back –end team work on logical and business level and front- end team will work only on the presentation.


Before hiring a team you should have a clear idea about the app, and then you can move to monetize your idea. To develop IOS and android app, it is more important that you should make a successful app rather just make an app. A successful app needs time to develop because once it is made, it needs to beta testing, update, and several changes, debugging, etc. It needs a lot of efforts and you need a dedicated team.


Developing an app is not so easy task. You need to have a dedicated team to work for hours. That the only way to make your dream come true.

There are 4 major criteria –

  • Designing : Designing is the front-end presentation of an app.
  • Program coding / technical : Program coding / technical support is on back-end that develops the app’s inner functionality, make it. It is responsible for the entire working of an app, for which it needs a lot of hours to develop a successful app.
  • Testing : Testing an app is coming when your app is going to be launched, before your app is going to launch it needs a beta testing.

A good app develop depends on types of apps and development process of apps.

Type of Apps

Type of Apps

Type of apps

  • Basic functionality App
  • Data Driven App
  • Games
  • Modification of in-built features
  • Completely dynamic app
Process of App Development

Process of App Development


Process of App Development


  • Wire framing
  • UI Design And Programming
  • Application Framework And Server-Side Programming
  • Development of Web Services also called as APIs (Application Programming Interface)
  • Testing
  • Backend security
  • Going to live

The above points are some which can affect the cost of developing an app. The cost is varying on the basis of type of apps, including the development process. It may take 5,00,000 K to 8,00,000 for both IOS and android or it may vary depends on the idea, location. Though, I found that develop an android app is 30% mostly than IOS app. It was studied on some metric basis. But it may differ on the basis of location, criteria, and the idea.


Basic Functionality App : When you want to a certain type of an app like if you want to develop a basic functionality than it could be 800 Dollar to 3000 Dollar.

Data Driven App : A data driven app could cost between 800 Dollar to 3000 Dollar.
Gaming App : Gaming app is costing around 1500 Dollar to 5000 Dollar.

Modification of inbuilt features : if you want some modification in app’s pre-built features or after the development of an app it will cost 1000 Dollar to 2000 Dollar.

Completely Dynamic App : an app should be completely dynamic to respond. It will cost 1000 Dollar to 5000 Dollar.

I hope this can help you. How much does it cost to make an IOS or Android app? The question is a lot to say in everyone’s perspective.

How to Determine the Right Website Design and Development Company?

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To choose a right website design and development company for your business perhaps not a difficult task, or It may be or maybe not, depending on some aspects.  There is a question which is always asked by the people is that,” How to Determine the Right Website Design and Development Company for my business”.


There are so many companies you can choose anyone of them, which may be referred by your known person or you can choose after a huge search by pointing   their client review, company’s goodwill always matters to build the trust you are on the correct way.


There are some other reasons which you should consider, to decide a right match to develop a website for your company.

Website Development Company

The Budget

The budget always matters, you should be careful about your investment. Your website has a significant role in your business, so you can’t ignore it. There are so many companies which say that they develops website with a cheap price. Be cautious, your website is just not a website; it reflects your image and business, so the affordable website development is cost – effective rather than cheap.


Unlike your business investment, the website development cost must be budgeted accordingly. It plays a key role in deciding which company you will finally going to choose to work with.

Affordable Website Development

Consider The Company’s Experience

Before you make an ultimate selection for your website designing and development, you need to have a look on their experience and portfolio. Consider the track record of the company that should be good enough, you can also know about their team’s experience; it is just that you wanted to sure that it would not be a failure.


The company must be efficient in building integrity, generating leads, creating strong brand presence. You should consider their portfolio to analyze the work through their client’s review. It is another key aspect to make a selection.

Consider The Company’s Experience

Feedback of the Company

Feedback or responsiveness has a major importance with respect to your website, if your website is not responsive then Google kick you out from the competition hence you will out from the race. To stand in the world your website need to be responsive.


Unlike your website you should be careful about the company that they are giving you a feedback or not. If they have not been with you for the longest time and that means they are not interested to work with you. The company must be interested to work with you. The feedback of the company matters a lot, because it is a good indicator of their efficiency. A proficient company always there to be in touch with you. If they are delayed to reverting you back, it may be better for you to move on and see some other company.


These are just a few aspects which you must consider, but not exactly keep in your pocket. There are some other aspects and these points surely help you a lot while you are selecting the best website design and development company.


You must be vigilant from the forge companies which assure you to be the good one, but in reality it may forge you. You can decide to go ahead with your deal, you can know about the past record of the company from their clients rather believing the company’s spokesperson.

Feedback of the Company
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Key Places to Focus When Moving the SEO Program

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With over 3.5 billion searches per day, it’s no secret that search engines like Google have become a key place for consumers to find the products and services.

The majority of companies looking to start a new SEO program would like to improve their overall search presence, increase brand visibility and drive new visits.

While new visits are important, when it comes to purchasing decisions, most people visit a site more than once. In fact, according to a recent report, the average consumer consults about five channels before making a purchase, meaning the people converting are likely going to be return visitors.

As an SEO, it’s important not to hung up on optimising only for new visits. We also must focus on the buying cycle itself to ensure you are giving your customers the information they are looking for, when they are doing long – term research.

You also must think beyond new customers. For example, many of your clients are technology providers in the market with the stiff competition. With a competitive market and the potential for customers to go elsewhere, they need to be showing their existing customers they are still the best option.

How do we do this? Well, the obvious answer is content, there is much more to it: understanding the right keyword target, the right type of content for the particular time in the buying cycle, the right off – sight targets and more.

Here are some key places to focus when moving the SEO program beyond discovery:

Keywords / Products or Service Themes

As search marketers, the keyword strategy should focus on all aspects of the customer journey, including top – of – funnel queries, mid – funnel queries and even post purchase queries.

Customer Feedback & Reviews

The other side of this is ensuring your customer support information is optimised. Business will often use third party support platforms, but not take the extra step to optimise them for search. You have to make sure that the third – party support platform can be optimised.

Additionally, you have to make sure that your site contains the basics, FAQs, click – to – call phone numbers and testimonials, and blogs.

Each of these touch points can help give customers and potential customers the information they need to move further down the funnel.

For the majority of the clients, you spent a lot of time securing bylines on third – party sites. These ranges are from niche sites to most well known business publications.

The aim is to acquire links, potentially grab another space in the search result and showcase the client as a thought leader to their peers, existing customers and potential customers.

The final goal of any marketing program is revenue. However, don’t get stuck only thinking about revenue at the top level. Think about where your audience find the information and how your SEO efforts can impact revenue further down the funnel.