Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integration

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Payment Gateway Integration is now integrated into every e-commerce application or website to securely transfer money. It’s not just easy and secure but important too. Online payment processing is a merchant service to track the flow of money and to ensure valid transactions.


We have developed several sites with integrated payment gateway. Our team of developers will ensure that you get the payment gateway of your choice linked with your website or application.


Features that we guarantee for Semiosis Payment Gateway Services are:


  • Secured Payments
  • Hassle-Free Payments
  • Flexibility
  • Compatibility
  • Customize Features
  • Invoicing Capabilities
  • Encryption

Advantages of Payment Gateway Integration


  • Online Services: With Online payment processing you can bring your business online and available 24X7.


  • Secured Payments: Valid payments in an extremely secured setup.


  • Invoice and Refunds: Invoices are sent and money is directly transferred to merchant accounts. Refunds are easy and secured too.


  • Reduces Human Error: With payment gateways integration, step by step verification is done and the chances of human errors are null. The payments are always valid and hence makes the whole process hassle-free.

Get Your Mobile Application Designed Now

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Mobile Application

Mobile Application Design Company

Mobile Application become very popular now days! Actually, it is the secret mantra to grow your business. As you know today’s generation is using mobile more as compared to laptops / pc. It’s time to take a small step for your business which will be helpful in getting a large amount of profit from your target customers. Mobile Apps have a great advantage over websites, as you can directly approach your target customer. Get your app design right now from Semiosis Software!

Profit of Mobile App Over Website:

  • User Friendly : Your customer can easily access it without facing any problem that generally occurs on websites.
  • Less Time Consuming : Opening a websites is very time-consuming process as compared to mobile apps.
  • Flexible : Now a day mobile user is more as compared to laptop / pc user. With the help of a mobile app, your customer can easily take your services without opening websites.


Let’s take an example, you can see various famous E-commerce Websites have their own app now & to get their services customer prefer app not websites. Even you have lots of app in your mobile just because to take instant service!

Categories of Mobile App Stores:

Any mobile app is made for four types of mobile user i.e. IOS, Windows, Android & BlackBerry.  There are two types of platform- single platform & multiple platforms.


A single platform means that app which is made for any particular user such as IOS. You can see the IOS App is made for only IOS user & you can’t run that app in your regular phone (Android version). On the other side, multi-platform means the app that can be run every phone either it is IOS, Android, Windows or BlackBerry. So, choosing a single platform can be easier to handle but it will work only on that particular platform. But in the case of multi-platform, it is little bit complicated but you can easily reach large numbers of customers.

Are You Thinking About Its Cost?

One thing keeps in your mind that mobile app development is more important than its cost of development because if you see, from a profit point of view than you can easily understand that its cost is very less as compared to its profit.


Choose the right development company for your business, We at Semiosis Software will give you Mobile Application Development Services, we had successfully completed lots of projects.

For More Information & Quotations You Can Contact Us @ +91- 8529122552

How much does it cost to make an IOS or Android app?

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How much does it cost to make an IOS or Android app?

How much does it cost to make an IOS or Android app?

To develop an OS whether an IOS or an android app is depends on some criteria. When you are just talking about the cost, it depends on the factors. You can hire a team of two or four members working on front-end and back-end. The Front-end team working for designing and the back-end team will work on logics or MVC. Back –end team work on logical and business level and front- end team will work only on the presentation.


Before hiring a team you should have a clear idea about the app, and then you can move to monetize your idea. To develop IOS and android app, it is more important that you should make a successful app rather just make an app. A successful app needs time to develop because once it is made, it needs to beta testing, update, and several changes, debugging, etc. It needs a lot of efforts and you need a dedicated team.


Developing an app is not so easy task. You need to have a dedicated team to work for hours. That the only way to make your dream come true.

There are 4 major criteria –

  • Designing : Designing is the front-end presentation of an app.
  • Program coding / technical : Program coding / technical support is on back-end that develops the app’s inner functionality, make it. It is responsible for the entire working of an app, for which it needs a lot of hours to develop a successful app.
  • Testing : Testing an app is coming when your app is going to be launched, before your app is going to launch it needs a beta testing.

A good app develop depends on types of apps and development process of apps.

Type of Apps

Type of Apps

Type of apps

  • Basic functionality App
  • Data Driven App
  • Games
  • Modification of in-built features
  • Completely dynamic app
Process of App Development

Process of App Development


Process of App Development


  • Wire framing
  • UI Design And Programming
  • Application Framework And Server-Side Programming
  • Development of Web Services also called as APIs (Application Programming Interface)
  • Testing
  • Backend security
  • Going to live

The above points are some which can affect the cost of developing an app. The cost is varying on the basis of type of apps, including the development process. It may take 5,00,000 K to 8,00,000 for both IOS and android or it may vary depends on the idea, location. Though, I found that develop an android app is 30% mostly than IOS app. It was studied on some metric basis. But it may differ on the basis of location, criteria, and the idea.


Basic Functionality App : When you want to a certain type of an app like if you want to develop a basic functionality than it could be 800 Dollar to 3000 Dollar.

Data Driven App : A data driven app could cost between 800 Dollar to 3000 Dollar.
Gaming App : Gaming app is costing around 1500 Dollar to 5000 Dollar.

Modification of inbuilt features : if you want some modification in app’s pre-built features or after the development of an app it will cost 1000 Dollar to 2000 Dollar.

Completely Dynamic App : an app should be completely dynamic to respond. It will cost 1000 Dollar to 5000 Dollar.

I hope this can help you. How much does it cost to make an IOS or Android app? The question is a lot to say in everyone’s perspective.