Fantasy Sports App

Fantasy Sports App

Advancement in technology and ease of access to the Internet has given rise to the tremendous use of Online Fantasy Sports App. Gaming Apps have become a primary source of entertainment globally. It allures people of all age groups 5, 15, or 55, addiction to virtual games is common for all.

Fantasy Sports App Developers

Fantasy sports have attained mega popularity in recent years and have become the favorite temptation for online sports businesses. The change of the TV remote to the Game controller promises a multi-billion-dollar future for the Online Gaming Business. Obsession of gamers with online sports prompts fantasy sports app developers to implement the advanced features pro-actively to grow in App development market. Some of the leading real-life sports like Cricket, Tennis, Baseball, Football, Rugby, and Horse Riding have now gained recognition in virtual game zones.

What is Fantasy Sports Cricket?

Fantasy Sports Cricket is all about making a fantasy team with real-time players. Players assembled virtually play Cricket based on the ongoing series or professional sports events. Users collect points according to the real-time performance of the player. These teams compete, while the actual performance of players decides their success or defeat.

How does a Fantasy Cricket App work?

In the Fantasy Cricket Application, the User signs in and picks the players online for his virtual team. Users play parallel to each other and strategically win the game against others. With their knowledge and expertise, players can get offers, rewards, and cash prizes. They can track other users for the performance and change the statistics to get a winning hand.

Users act as the Team Managers and get the rights to buy and drop players according to their actual field performances.

Indubitably, Cricket is the most admired sport worldwide, and eventually, Fantasy Cricket Apps has become the biggest hit among players. Many Fantasy Apps for Cricket are available in the market, distinguished by features and user-friendliness.

Let us know about the Top-notch Features that make a Fantasy Cricket Sports App a superhit.

Key Features to incorporate to make the Best Fantasy Cricket Sports App

Our Fantasy Cricket Sports App offers all the essential features that the best sports app should have. Our specialty lies in incorporating the advanced features that make it unique and extraordinary.  

Let us have a glance at the features offered.


  • Easy Log in/Registration – New users can register in the application by filling in details like username, password, contact number, and e-mail id. Referral codes make the process easier.
  • Set Profile – The users set their profile by providing their bank and pan card details. All points and transaction features like reward points, payment management, and encash of rewards are displayed here.
  • Home Screen – After login user lands on the screen with the favourite things like match details, teams, team selection, upcoming events, points, and money earned.
  • Create Contest – Users create the contest, play, and win by paying off an entry fee. 
  • Join Contest – This feature enables users to join any Fantasy Sports Contest.
  • Contest Details – Users can view the details of contests created or joined. It also allows to see and edit the team players.
  • History Section – It lets the users know about the history of the contests played and winning details.
  • Live Score – Users can view the live score of ongoing contests anytime using this feature.
  • Payment Gateway – This feature provides users an online payment gateway for transactions using all the available options. 
  • Share on social media – Users can share the scores, winning, and other contest details on their social media.

Admin Oriented:

  • Login – Admin can log in to the Apps using login and password
  • Dashboard – Admin dashboard is a platform that exhibits all the details of Upcoming Contests, Total Contests, Total Teams, Live Contests, All Participants, and the Points Earned.  
  • Management Panel Team Management – This feature allows the admin to add, edit, delete, update, deactivate or activate the User’s accounts.
  • Match Management – It gives admin rights to manage matches. He can update, add, edit, delete, or deactivate them anytime.
  • Check Revenue – It lets the admin check the earnings generated through different matches.  
  • Manage Payments – Admin gets the authority to manage the different modes of payments for the users. 
  • Rewards Management – Admin can manage the points and rewards earned by the participants. 
  • Manage Notifications Request – It enables the admin to manage push notifications and alert messages to the users.
  • User Authentication – It allows the admin to get the details of users for their authentication.

Advanced features:

  • Real-Time Analysis – It allows real-time data recording, storing, and updating in the apps.
  • Invite and Earn – This feature lets the users invite their friends and earn extra money.
  • Track Geo-Location – It tracks the geographical area of users and notifies them about the upcoming contests in their nearby areas.
  • Send Mails – It gives access to the admin to send reminder e-mails to the participants.
  • Live Group Chat – Users can have a live group chat with other players using this feature.
  • Live Commentary – Introduce a live commentary feature to give an extra fun element to the users.

Semiosis Software gives you an outstanding sports experience through their Fantasy Sports App, a complete entertainment package, and cutting-edge technology. The skilled professionals at Semiosis Software have extensive experience, can customize the features according to the requirements. The learned and dedicated team is always available with technical support round the clock.

Key Features to incorporate to make the Best Fantasy Cricket Sports App

Is it worth invest in Fantasy Cricket Apps?

With the enhanced use of the Internet and easy access to smartphones, the demand for Fantasy Sports App in the World has surged. Not only sports lovers but people of all age groups have shown immense interest in Sports Apps. Fantasy Sports App for Android and iOS offers a big profit market due to the following factors.

1. Very less Competition.

2. Endless Business Opportunities.

3. Money Generating App.

4. High Demand.

5. Potential Entertainment Source.

Why is it the right time to launch Fantasy Sports App?

The outbreak of the Pandemic has touched human lives in many ways. Reduced physical activities and sports events have left them with the only available means of entertainment, i.e., online-platform. Along with other influential elements, this makes it the right time to launch the Fantasy Sports Apps. 

1. With the increase in demand for Fantasy Sports App, it offers a Budding Market to the Early-Waker.

2. With very few Sports Apps available in the market, it has comparatively Less Competition.

3. It is a Potential Entertainment Source for people of all ages indeed.

4. It is a Money Generating App that is Legal and Secured.

5. Sport is a million-dollar industry full of events the whole year round that promises Wide Business Opportunities.

How does a Fantasy Cricket App like Dream11 is developed?

The process of developing a Fantasy Cricket App like Dream11 requires a team of a competent person who is proficient in App development. A well-versed team with a flair for creativity makes the Apps a success. 

Following skilled persons are involved in developing a winning Fantasy Cricket app.

1. Project Head – He leads the project from beginning till the end.

2. Designing Team – They make eye-seizing designs and screens for the Apps. 

3. Developers – They add functionalities to the Apps through coding.

4. Back-end Developers – They check the connectivity of the Apps with different servers.

5. Testing Team – They check the Apps for their functionality and requirements. 

What are the key factors that affect the cost of developing the Fantasy Cricket App?

Key factors affecting the Cost of Fantasy Cricket App development are:

1. Functional Complexity – Advanced features in the apps offer an exceptional experience to the users and make it a complex one for the developers. The more complex the apps are, the more charges they take.

2. Unique Design – A unique, vibrant, and engaging User Interface costs higher than a simple basic one.

3. Platform – Apps for android platform costs less than IOS or window-based platforms.

4. Geo-Position of Developers – Cost to develop apps differ from country to country. The developers from the US generally charge high than Asian App developers.

5. Ionic Development – Apps developed in Ionic can run on both Android and IOs platforms and thus affect the development cost.

How much does it cost to develop a Top-notch Fantasy Cricket App?

The development cost of the Fantasy Cricket App depends upon various factors like the complexity of design and functions, the platform, the geolocation of developers, and the type of apps.

The cost of Fantasy Cricket App and Website with advanced features and compatible with all mobile platforms starts from $10,000.  

How does Fantasy Cricket Apps make money?

Cricket is the most loved sport worldwide, and App developers can easily make money with Fantasy Cricket Apps.

Here are some easy ways of earning money through the Fantasy Cricket App:

1. Through promotional Advertisements on your app and website.

2. Collaborate with other Brands for their Promotion.

3. By Charging Fees to Join any league or tournament.

4. Through Subscription to Premium App Version.

How can Semiosis Software help you in developing a magnificent Fantasy Cricket app like Dream11?

Semiosis Software is one of the leading App and Web development companies in India. 

They are committed to providing high-class, aesthetically pleasing technical solutions to the customers.

Semiosis provides a team of dedicated specialists for the project, who develop vivid and staggering apps/web and offer post-launch support and maintenance to the customer.

The skillful professionals of Semiosis develop fully customized, noteworthy Apps and Web with rewarding features and the latest technologies.

Does Semiosis Software provide post-development maintenance support?

Semiosis Software is a name of belief. The devoted professionals are always there to provide 24 * 7 maintenance and post-development support to the customer.  

How much time does it take to develop Fantasy Cricket App?

Time taken to develop an app depends upon the intensity and complexity of the app features. The more complex the functions, the more time it will take.

Semiosis Software delivers a basic android app with a static website in a week.

Which are the best Fantasy Cricket App and Website development companies?

There are many software and web solution companies that are engaged in developing Fantasy Sports App. Semiosis Software Private Ltd is one of the renowned companies that has effectively delivered Fantasy Sports Apps to customers. With the magnificent experience and budget-friendly price, they have exhibited a remarkable success rate in App and Web development business.

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