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On 5th July 2019, The Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the Budget 2019 and it had something special in store for tech startups. Tech Startups have become a major source of economic growth in the country and therefore it was essential to provide them a conducive environment for their growth and motivation more such innovations.


Let’s take a look at the major highlights from Budget 2019:


  • Around 80-100 new incubators and livelihoods to be launched encouraging the growth of more tech-based startups.
  • An exclusively new program to be launched on DD Channel focusing on the education for startups and discussing funds and taxes.
  • Section 54GB of the Income Tax Act has been updated. As per the new amendment, the amount gained by selling properties and real estate when invested in a startup company will be exempted from taxes and the rule is now extended until 31 March 2021.
  • The rank of India in ease of doing businesses under the category of ‘paying taxes’ was 172 in 2017 which has now massively improved to current rank 121.
  • New schemes launched to invite foreign companies for investment by new bidding process.
  • Women SHG Interest Subvention Program to be expanded to all districts in order to encourage women entrepreneurship.


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Data Mining as the name suggests is the process of extracting information from data. Also known as “Knowledge Discovery in Databases”, it helps to extract hidden patterns, future trends and behaviors subsequently facilitating decision making in businesses.

This extraction of data is done by using various tools and technologies like Apache Mahout, IBM Cognos, Oracle Data Mining etc. Today, the Velocity, Volume and Variety at which data is being produced over the internet is mind-boggling. As per the statistics, 90% of the data produced till date comprises of the data produced in the last two years. This is shocking but true.


It is a three-step process.

  • Data Integration – Firstly proper research is done and data is integrated.
  • Data Extraction – Next, Data Mining is done. That is from the data collected above, useful data is extracted to get information.
  • Data Presentation – Finally, the useful data is presented in a managed and organised way to be used for analysis.


Information Era has begun. With the accessibility of the Internet and the cheaper internet tariff plans have altogether allowed businesses and people all over the world to share ideas and information. This led to an increasing amount of data than ever. No one ever thought that the rate at which money and thoughts will be travelling across the world would be similar one day. You won’t be able to absorb this fact but according to a report we are generating over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data in a single day.


The search queries over the internet, information over various social media sites, communication, digital photos and internet of things are all contributing to this huge rise in data generation.


  • Issues related to mining methodologies: With a large number of user interaction the responsibility of mining data that covers a broad section of user queries has increased. The data cleaning done during data processing needs to be accurate.
  • Issues related to Performance: Various algorithms have been developed to handle data accurately. But the performance issues of these algorithms is a huge challenge.
  • Issues related to diverse data type: The variety of data that is being generated is heterogeneous and the problem to handle such different types of data remains to be a task.
Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integration

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Payment Gateway Integration is now integrated into every e-commerce application or website to securely transfer money. It’s not just easy and secure but important too. Online payment processing is a merchant service to track the flow of money and to ensure valid transactions.


We have developed several sites with integrated payment gateway. Our team of developers will ensure that you get the payment gateway of your choice linked with your website or application.


Features that we guarantee for Semiosis Payment Gateway Services are:


  • Secured Payments
  • Hassle-Free Payments
  • Flexibility
  • Compatibility
  • Customize Features
  • Invoicing Capabilities
  • Encryption

Advantages of Payment Gateway Integration


  • Online Services: With Online payment processing you can bring your business online and available 24X7.


  • Secured Payments: Valid payments in an extremely secured setup.


  • Invoice and Refunds: Invoices are sent and money is directly transferred to merchant accounts. Refunds are easy and secured too.


  • Reduces Human Error: With payment gateways integration, step by step verification is done and the chances of human errors are null. The payments are always valid and hence makes the whole process hassle-free.
Big Data for Business

Big Data for Business

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Big Data is large chunks of complex data and the traditional software’s that we have been working upon cannot handle the volume. But this data can be very useful to handle certain business problems that were unsolvable before.


Generally, we associate big data with 3Vs. Let’s see what these 3 V’s are:


  • Variety : The incoming data is of various varieties. In Big data, we generally classify them into two: structured and unstructured. Structured data comprises images, texts, tweets etc. whereas the Unstructured data consists of audio, video, handwritten files etc.


  • Volume : By the term volume we mean a large amount of data generated. Hence it is big data. For companies like Facebook and Google and even small businesses handling a large amount of data, big data analytics has become a necessity.


  • Velocity : The speed at which this data is generated is also insane. According to recent stats, around 900 million photos are uploaded on Facebook every day.


Big Data for Business is beneficial for companies trying to extend their client base. With the large volumes of a variety of data generating at an even higher velocity, we are left with a huge lot of data. This data has crucial information from trending technologies to clients’ needs and customer feedback. More and more companies are now moving towards Big Data analytics to increase their market value and yes, to understand the market. Big companies are providing valuable services because they are continuously analyzing the data.

How Your Website Should Grow Your Business?

How Your Website Should Grow Your Business?

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In these days, the trendiest thing is having a website for your business ; either you have small or large business there is a need for a website to reach a large number of people. A well-maintained website will be helpful to gain a competitive advantage. Nowadays, people prefer to go online for getting any information. Get website service today at Semiosis Software & make your business more popular & competitive.


Benefits of A Website In Growth of Your Business :


  • An Attractive Way of Advertisement : A website is the most attractive way to advertise your business. All your promotional information about your business will help your customer to go online & get full information. Customer prefers to go online before taking service.
  • Cost Cutting : Having a website will be helpful in the cost-cutting process. Cost cutting means your online brochure & catalog can be updated online & it doesn’t need any kind of investment over papers. One of the most important things is an update in your brochure can be done easily without any investment.
  • Easy Access : A website is very easy to access over it, the customer didn’t face any kind of problem, even a new user can easily access your website. & the best thing is a customer can also refer your URL to their friends & family that is very beneficial for your business.
  • Updated Information : You can easily update the recent information on your website without paying money. The best thing about it is you can easily update or delete any information according to your current business plans.
  • Business Growth : It also helps in enhancing the growth of your business, growth means if your product / services information is 24 hours available on your website, then customer can get any information anytime, it increases the chances of getting more business.
  • Break The Barriers : You know what having a website will break down all the geographical barriers, people belongs to another country are also able to see your webpage; this will ultimately increase your business profit.
  • Helpful in The Promotion : Yes, you can promote your product / services easily by giving all the details & photos about it. Now a day, your promotion will be attractive only when it is made according to customer’s preference.


Let Us Help You To Develop An Effective Website For Your Business. “ For More Information & Quotations You Can Contact Us @ +91- 8529122552

Why Does Business Need Website?

Why Does Business Need Website?

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We are living in a digital era, everyone is involved in it. You can see that whatever you needed, always prefer to go online for purchasing, getting knowledge, ratings, reviews, study purpose, etc. Today’s generation is totally depend on it. So, a website is now a basic necessity for any kind of business either you are running a small or large business. If you don’t have a website then you are losing a number of customers on daily basis. A website itself is a better way to advertise your business than any other form of business. Yes, it takes some time to build up & getting traffic but after that, no one can beat your business.


Five Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website:

  • In every single second, a large number of searching is done by people, just to get information about something before purchasing, going somewhere, getting services, etc. A good website helps you to establish the credibility of your business among customers.
  • For any kind of business you should have a website, it also helps in saving money, advertisement over the website is relatively very low as compared to newspapers, radio, commercials & other promotional material charges.
  • It is easy for the customer to get any information about your business through websites, it is just like an online catalog or online brochure.
  • You can update any information about your products online anytime very easily without investing more money like brochures.
    A website is always accessible from any place at any time; your customer can easily get your services without having any kind of problem, it helps in boosting your sales.


So, don’t waste your time in doing traditional marketing, it’s time to become a smart businessman & it will be possible only when you have a business website. The more professional website you have, the more profit you can gain.


Now the point is how can you build a very professional website? No worry! We at Semiosis Software are here to give you web design services. Our aim is to give satisfactory service to our clients. We had completed lots of successful projects.


For More Information & Quotations You Can Contact Us @ +91- 8529122552

How to Start an SEO Campaign?

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Everyone heard about digital marketing, digital marketing is very helpful for increasing the market value of your business & for getting more business. SEO is an important part of digital marketing. SEO stands for search engine optimization, it plays a crucial role in increasing the visibility of your website in an organic way (“natural” & “unpaid”). If you want to Start SEO Campaign then you should hire any digital marketing company for getting an improvement in your business.


People get confused with On-Page & Off-Page SEO. Don’t be confuse both are very important elements & their works are also very different.

Key Elements of SEO :


ON-PAGE SEO, SEO is also known as On-Site SEO. In on page SEO all that activity which is done within the website to increase its visibility. The main focus is on the internal elements of a website. Some main elements of on page are – Meta Tag, Sitemap, Robot.txt, etc.


It refers to Off-Page SEO. In off- Site SEO, all that activity which is done in other places to increase the visibility of your web page. The main focus is on the external element of a website. This is done to increase the popularity of your website among people.

Effect of SEO Campaign on Business :

  • Website Visibility

Proper SEO on your website leads to increase the page visibility on search engines. Once your page ranking increased it will attract more customers.

  • Business Profit

Once your page visibility will increase, it enhances the chances of getting more profit, your target customer will also increase.

  • Popularity

Your business will become more popular & it might be possible that it can be treated as a brand like other brands.

Analysis of Your Website :

Proper analysis of your website is very important. If you don’t know where your website stands how can you work over it more properly? But the main problem is you can’t do it yourself because it needs too much effort & daily analysis. So, the good option is to appoint someone who can take care of your website properly.

Let’s Start An SEO Campaign :

SEO Campaign will be very helpful for your business. Your business will be definitely successful once you start it. We at Semiosis Software Private Limited are here to give to No.1 Digital Marketing Services. We have expert team members & our main focus to increase the website visibility.

For More Information & Quotations You Can Contact Us @ +91- 8529122552

Get Your Mobile Application Designed Now

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Mobile Application

Mobile Application Design Company

Mobile Application become very popular now days! Actually, it is the secret mantra to grow your business. As you know today’s generation is using mobile more as compared to laptops / pc. It’s time to take a small step for your business which will be helpful in getting a large amount of profit from your target customers. Mobile Apps have a great advantage over websites, as you can directly approach your target customer. Get your app design right now from Semiosis Software!

Profit of Mobile App Over Website:

  • User Friendly : Your customer can easily access it without facing any problem that generally occurs on websites.
  • Less Time Consuming : Opening a websites is very time-consuming process as compared to mobile apps.
  • Flexible : Now a day mobile user is more as compared to laptop / pc user. With the help of a mobile app, your customer can easily take your services without opening websites.


Let’s take an example, you can see various famous E-commerce Websites have their own app now & to get their services customer prefer app not websites. Even you have lots of app in your mobile just because to take instant service!

Categories of Mobile App Stores:

Any mobile app is made for four types of mobile user i.e. IOS, Windows, Android & BlackBerry.  There are two types of platform- single platform & multiple platforms.


A single platform means that app which is made for any particular user such as IOS. You can see the IOS App is made for only IOS user & you can’t run that app in your regular phone (Android version). On the other side, multi-platform means the app that can be run every phone either it is IOS, Android, Windows or BlackBerry. So, choosing a single platform can be easier to handle but it will work only on that particular platform. But in the case of multi-platform, it is little bit complicated but you can easily reach large numbers of customers.

Are You Thinking About Its Cost?

One thing keeps in your mind that mobile app development is more important than its cost of development because if you see, from a profit point of view than you can easily understand that its cost is very less as compared to its profit.


Choose the right development company for your business, We at Semiosis Software will give you Mobile Application Development Services, we had successfully completed lots of projects.

For More Information & Quotations You Can Contact Us @ +91- 8529122552

5 Ways to Develop a Secure Web Application

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5 Ways to Develop a Secure Web Application

5 Ways to Develop a Secure Web Application

When a website or any other web app developed all the web developer assures you to build a secure a website, but in practice it is not possible to develop a 100% secure website, for anyone. After trying so hard and complex code, there is often some loopholes exist.


There are a numerous benefits of developing a secure website. Some people can crack the code and can use it for the wrong intention. Countless websites are getting hacked by the intruders or hackers on a daily basis. They might do it for the sake of enjoyment or money, and some hackers are also there who hack for good purpose and help to find vulnerabilities.


Although it is not possible to develop a website with complete security or it can say as it is impossible task for a developer, no matter how much experienced he has. But security is the foremost concern which you can‘t overlook. You can’t secure your website by writing a secure PHP code. There are some key points which you can consider while developing a web application and that can help you to provide security.

Input Validation

  • Input Validation

    With many applications you already know what kind of data you are expecting in the input. It is a way to protect yourself against the attacks is to make sure the user can enter only appropriate data. By validating an input, it is restricted to entering another kind of value. For example, in birthday field, a user can enter only in DD – MM – YYYY format. A user can’t even try to enter a string or character.

Protecting from Cross Site Scripting (CSS) Attacks

  • Protecting from Cross Site Scripting (CSS) Attacks

    A web application accepts some inputs from users that can be in the form of comments, threads, or blog posts in the form of HTML. Accepting the complete HTML can be dangerous from the input. Because it allows JavaScript to be executed, that may cause of cookies hijack. These cookies will allow to an intruder access to the website data.To control it there are some HTML tags or code which you can customize, there is no possible way to execute the JavaScript, it will disallow the formatting. You can allow some BB code or BB tags, which are commonly allowed on forums.

Protecting The Included Files

  • Protecting The Included Files

    PHP scripts often include the other files that contain code for things like connecting to a database. These files often given an extension .inc by some developers, if an attacker directly accesses these files, he will able to know the database credentials and will access the application’s data. That’s why it is better to use the . php extension for included code files and keep them outside of directories directly accessible by the user.

Guarding Against SQL Injection

  • Guarding Against SQL Injection – SQL injection is one the most well

    known security attacks. It occurs when the data go unchecked and the application doesn’t escape characters used in strings. By using parameterized queries and prepared statements, you can protect SQL injection.

Prevent Password Cracking With Salt

  • Prevent Password Cracking With Salt

    Md5 is a most popular encryption algorithm or function to prevent the password by the PHP developers. It gives the hash straight away. It is a strong prevention, but it can be cracked by using the brute force.


    To overcome this problem developers often use “Salt”. To add some more text before hashing it and then do the same user provided password. It will increase the length of the password, hence its complexity. Along with salt it is good practice to use a hash algorithm such as Sha1, Sha2, etc.


All these key points are surely helping you to develop a secure web application. Keeping all these in mind, it may overcome the vulnerabilities.

How much does it cost to make an IOS or Android app?

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How much does it cost to make an IOS or Android app? How much does it cost to make an IOS or Android app?

To develop an OS whether an IOS or an android app is depends on some criteria. When you are just talking about the cost, it depends on the factors. You can hire a team of two or four members working on front-end and back-end. The Front-end team working for designing and the back-end team will work on logics or MVC. Back –end team work on logical and business level and front- end team will work only on the presentation.


Before hiring a team you should have a clear idea about the app, and then you can move to monetize your idea. To develop IOS and android app, it is more important that you should make a successful app rather just make an app. A successful app needs time to develop because once it is made, it needs to beta testing, update, and several changes, debugging, etc. It needs a lot of efforts and you need a dedicated team.


Developing an app is not so easy task. You need to have a dedicated team to work for hours. That the only way to make your dream come true.

There are 4 major criteria –

  • Designing : Designing is the front-end presentation of an app.
  • Program coding / technical : Program coding / technical support is on back-end that develops the app’s inner functionality, make it. It is responsible for the entire working of an app, for which it needs a lot of hours to develop a successful app.
  • Testing : Testing an app is coming when your app is going to be launched, before your app is going to launch it needs a beta testing.

A good app develop depends on types of apps and development process of apps.

Type of Apps

Type of apps

  • Basic functionality App
  • Data Driven App
  • Games
  • Modification of in-built features
  • Completely dynamic app

Process of App Development

Process of App Development

  • Wire framing
  • UI Design And Programming
  • Application Framework And Server-Side Programming
  • Development of Web Services also called as APIs (Application Programming Interface)
  • Testing
  • Backend security
  • Going to live

The above points are some which can affect the cost of developing an app. The cost is varying on the basis of type of apps, including the development process. It may take 5,00,000 K to 8,00,000 for both IOS and android or it may vary depends on the idea, location. Though, I found that develop an android app is 30% mostly than IOS app. It was studied on some metric basis. But it may differ on the basis of location, criteria, and the idea.

Basic Functionality App : When you want to a certain type of an app like if you want to develop a basic functionality than it could be 800 Dollar to 3000 Dollar.

Data Driven App : A data driven app could cost between 800 Dollar to 3000 Dollar.

Gaming App : Gaming app is costing around 1500 Dollar to 5000 Dollar.

Modification of inbuilt features : if you want some modification in app’s pre-built features or after the development of an app it will cost 1000 Dollar to 2000 Dollar.

Completely Dynamic App : an app should be completely dynamic to respond. It will cost 1000 Dollar to 5000 Dollar.

I hope this can help you. How much does it cost to make an IOS or Android app? The question is a lot to say in everyone’s perspective.