Food Ordering System

Food Ordering Applications

Restaurants, as well as consumers, are embracing the online food ordering process. It is more convenient and less hectic, therefore, gaining admiration expeditiously. Due to simple processing and lucrative revenue, every eatery is rolling to the online food ordering system.

Online Food Ordering

Lately, enthusiasm for online food ordering has become the prime choice for hungry customers. Lip-smacking delicacies delivered at the doorstep satisfy the taste buds and is the safest option in Pandemic conditions.

Likewise, restaurants find it seamless to manage and get a better income edge in the current scenario. Even online orders open a sales channel for them to alluring promotions and offer for the customers. It allows the restaurant to a greater reach in just a few clicks.

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Online Food Ordering


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    What is the Online Food Ordering System?

    Ordering mouth-watering food items through a digital menu anywhere, anytime, is the primary purpose of the online food ordering system. Users scroll the menu of their favorite outlet and select food from a wide array of choices. It is feasible and beneficial for both restaurant owners and users as it saves time and resources. Real-time updates on the restaurant app/web page make analysis and communication easy. It is the critical medium to deliver a contact-less dreamlike feast to the customers at an affordable price.

    How does the Online Food Ordering system work?

    In the online food ordering system, the customer browses the digital menu of the restaurants through the web page or app and orders food. The restaurant receives the order and sends the confirmation to the customer. The prepared food is then, delivered to the address mentioned in the order. Integrated payment gateways let the customers pay online or in cash as per the availability of options.

    Let’s see the step-by-step process of online food ordering system:

    • The customer checks the app or the web page for the menu and selects the dishes to order.
    • Then, he sends the selected dishes and the required specifications to the cart.
    • In the next step, he pays the bill through the secured online payment gateway.
    • The restaurant receives the online order notification. If the dish is available, it confirms the order and accepts the payment.
    • As soon as the order gets ready, restaurants deliver it through the online food delivery system.

    Let us look at the crucial features of the food ordering system, making it apt for the consumers and the restaurant owners.

    Key Features to Incorporate to Make the Best Food Ordering System

    With the surge in demand for online food orders, many Apps have come into existence. But the best is one that holds unique features and delivers quality with precision.

    Before discussing the key features, check two essential elements of any food ordering system.

    Ordering Structure

    It describes the process of orders placed and its management by the restaurant and the admin.

    For example:

    • Development of website and application for the customer.
    • Build application for the restaurant.
    • Create Admin dashboard for managing the orders.

    Delivery Structure

    • It expresses the components of the delivery system. For example:
    • Development of an application for the drivers.
    • Create Admin dashboard for delivery management.

    Here is the list of the vital characteristics of the food ordering app.

    Ordering System

    • Unique Ordering Platform – This platform offers a place to search and navigate through different food options. The customer browses the website or food ordering app and checks the details. It should be unique and user-oriented with an eye-catching blueprint.
    • Geo-Location – This feature allows the customer to locate the eateries in nearby areas based on his current location to get the tasty food in less time.
    • Easy Search Feature – To make the search easy for the users, use filters and sorting options. It lets the user get what he wants promptly and effortlessly.
    • Pre Orders – Many times, instead of receiving orders immediately customer prefers to schedule it for later. This feature allows placing orders well in advance for the party or take-out.
    • Take Away Feature – It is beneficial for customers and restaurant owners, saving time and resources for both.
    • Food Customization – This feature allows customers to personalize the food based on preferences and choices, giving them better fulfillment.
    • Ratings and Reviews – Customers can share the experience and rate the restaurant accordingly. They can also view the ratings and reviews given by other customers.

    Restaurant Administration

    • Multiple Food Categories – Different categories and menus with various cuisines help users choose their favorite food without much thinking.
    • Excel Sheet Import – It is easy to import an excel sheet to update the menu rather than to enter data every time.
    • Stock Management – It is easy to manage the stock and inventory of food items through this feature.
    • Set Timings – With this feature, it becomes easy to set the timings of opening, closing, and availability of the restaurant services.

    Delivery System

    • Driver Management – If you do not opt for a delivery system, this feature allows you to manage the drivers who deliver food to the customers.
    • Contactless Order System – This feature assures the customer that the food delivered is safe from unnecessary contact and offers a cashless payment option.
    • Real-Time Tracking – Real-time tracing of food delivery and updates keep the customer and the restaurant at calm. It lets them know the real-time location of the delivery person at any time till the food is delivered.
    • Route Optimization – Multiple order deliveries become real quick for the driver by following the optimized route.
    • Driver’s Auto-allocation – It automatically allocates delivery drivers according to the fixed specifications.
    • E-signature – This feature gives proof of delivery to the customer.

    Notifications System

    • Order Notification – As soon as a customer orders food, the restaurant receives the notification. The customer also gets notified for order acceptance, cancellation, and delivery details.
    • Payment Notification – Customer, as well as the restaurant owners, get notified after payment.

    Promotional Deals 

    • Combo Deals – Combo deals on food options always fascinate customers. This feature lets you display combo meals at the price of one. The customers order multiple meals available in the combo, generating more revenue for the restaurant.
    • Coupon Code – Discount coupons and referral coupons on various occasions attract more customers. It has added advantages for both the restaurant and the customer.
    • Loyalty Points – With this feature customer gets loyalty points with every order placed. The customer can redeem points on the next order according to the set parameters.
    • Log in from Social Apps – It allows the customers to log in to the food app through different social media platforms.

    Payment and Checkout System 

    • Delivery Type – Using this feature, the customer can select the mode of delivery at the time of order placement. It may be home delivery or take away according to the restaurant.
    • Integrated Payment Gateway – This feature assures the customer and the restaurant owner for getting the payment done right. With various cash or online payment options, customers can choose the best suitable option.
    • Order Cancellation – It allows the cancellation of the food order and initiates the refund to the customer.
    • Advertising flags – Let the customers know what’s new in the restaurant and feature it in its advertising banner.

    Reports and analysis

    • All sorts of daily, weekly, and monthly reports are generated, integrating the entire data available. The analytical reports of several features linked with sales and revenue generation made help in business growth.

    Semiosis Software Private Limited makes apps that carry advanced features and yet are easy to handle. Our team designs the interface using all aspects that make the Food Ordering app a successful one. Introducing customizable features eases the updates of menu and prices and supports promotional events. We offer a complete Food Ordering System providing value to money through developing it at competitive rates.


    Is it worth investing in Online Food Ordering System?

    Nowadays, online food ordering apps and the web are replacing the conventional way of placing food orders. The pandemic outbreak has also lifted the requirement for food ordering. Online food ordering apps have shown an enormous increase in the revenue of restaurants owners due to several advantages.

    • Data shows that the demand for online food ordering has increased globally to a large extent. It opens a good market for food ordering system apps and the web.
    • It reduces the chances of errors with increased accuracy in delivering the right food to the right customer. As every order with the specification is visible online, it downplays the fallacies.
    • The extensive reach to customers is an advantage of the online food ordering system as it gets access by maximum users.
    • The access to customer data and their insights help restaurants to work effectively on the feedback. The analysis of reports on several set parameters helps restaurant owners in scaling up the business.

    Online management of most features reduces the operational cost for the restaurants.

    How do Food Ordering apps make money?

    Due to the easy handling process and doorstep delivery, more and more customers prefer online food ordering apps. This boom has created a tremendous opportunity for food delivery units. A few ways of getting a lucrative income through online ordering setups are:

    Promotions and advertisements – Businesses display ads, offers, discounts, and promotional banners on the app. It boosts traffic and generates revenue by expanding sales for the food ordering unit.

    Earn through Transaction – Food ordering setups receive the commission on every transaction processed through the platform.

    Customer Memberships – Regular customers can earn several benefits on repeat purchases by taking premium membership. Membership, in return, is rewarding for the food ordering unit.

    Is it possible to have a Food Ordering app on android and iOS platforms?

    Yes, it is possible to have a food ordering app on both platforms.

    Semiosis Software develops apps on the native and hybrid framework compatible on the web, android, and iOS platforms.

    How much does it cost to develop a Best-grade Online Food Ordering app?

    The cost of a high-class Food Ordering app depends upon the complexity and features implemented. The more complex and advanced the app is, the higher the price is. The cost of a simple app with basic features starts from $6000 and goes as high as $40,000, depending upon the level of intricacy.

    Semiosis Software builds cost-effective apps with the best contemporary features in them. We develop tailored, budget-friendly apps that are always a lucrative deal for the client.