School Management

School Management System

School Management System to manage school and its entities such as Classes, Sections, Students, ID Cards, Teachers, Staff, Fees, Invoices, Noticeboard and much more.

How does school management system work?

School management systems positively impact students, parents, teachers, administration or non-education staff and management. It does as such by decreasing the weight of dull errands and procedures by assuming control over them or by making correspondence or work simpler using instinctive highlights.


  • Classes & Sections – Add Classes. Assign Classes to School. Add Sections.
  • Subjects – Add different types of subjects and assign teachers.
  • Student Admission – Add new admissions to a class.
  • Student Promotion – Promote student from one class to another.
  • Roles and Permission – Create custom roles, assign permissions.
  • Admin, Staff – Add school admins, staff with permissions to manage the school.
  • Teacher, Accountant – Add school teacher to manage students. Add accountant to manage fee invoices and payments.
  • Accounting – Fee Invoice Generation, Payment Collection.
  • Notifications – Send email notifications for new admission, invoice generation, fee submission etc.
  • Widgets – Noticeboard Widget, Student Login Widget.
  • Pages – Fee Collection Form, Inquiry Form, Student Login Form, Student Dashboard, Noticeboard.
  • Settings – School Settings, Email Carrier, Email Templates, Payment Methods.
  • Email Templates – Email template for Student Admission, Invoice Generation, Online Fee Submission, Off-line Fee Submission.

Demo Screenshots


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