Taxi Booking System

Taxi Booking System offers a secure, reliable & professional service that provides confidence to your customers to book your taxi service. Semiosis Software is responsible for developing astounding taxi booking web & apps to bolster your cab business.

Taxi Management System is updated continuously with upgraded GPS Systems, and our developers always use the latest technology trends that are available in the transportation industry. The Taxi Booking Management System will provide help to dispatch the rides easily and effectively as well as manage your all rides. Experts use the latest frameworks and platforms to develop the taxi booking system apps along with a user-friendly interface.


  • Taxi Software : Admin can be able to manage all the vehicles here, we can register the vehicle with the name, features, types, locations, packages per hour, lay out the date, the date of a special rate, price range, coupon codes and date of issuance. There is a strong feature, adding the vehicle.

  • Taxi System Features : This module lists the different features of the vehicle, which can add features to the vehicle.

  • Taxi Type : When we talk about a vehicle, there are several types or brands, say BMW, Honda, Suzuki and some, administrator will be able to add some kind of vehicle.

  • Taxi Location : When you point to point service, it is very important to add the service we provide local, so the following admin admin could be some locations, which are available for booking P2P, as we say, where X – Points Y.

  • Jam Pack System : Here we can make a name for hourly Package booking service, we can save a few hours counting every package.Lets say: Golden Hours = 10H Package, Clock = 20H Package Deals like that. So the end user will be ordering any package.

  • Lay out Date : This is an excellent feature in the system, let’s say we have a supply of heavy, if administrators want to disable the vehicle anywhere for a certain period, he can do that, if there is a vehicle that is damaged or is sent to the service, the admin can block they do not appear in the search list.

  • Taxi Special Rates : We got covered to have a special rate increase for a particular day, the admin can set the value in number and also in percentile, lets say, at Christmas, you can hike rates by 10% or reduce tariffs by 10%.

  • Distance Price : Prices Set to minimum and maximum distance, the former, you can save $ 10 for 1 KM – 5 KM and 5 KM – 10 KM, is 20 $ like it.

  • Coupon Code : Coupons weapons available to business growth, we designed this module to increase conversions, admin can manage coupon codes for grades or percentiles, there is provision for the period of validity of coupons too.

  • All Vehicles FAQ : Sometimes, we need to answer questions about the vehicle to the customer, so instead of manually answer, we kept some dynamic systems FAQ, where admins can add FAQ for Vehicles.

  • Email Template : We had a few emails, which will take place on the site for different actions such as the status of the payment, the booking cancel a confirmed booking, booking status, booking success, reset passwords, registration of new users, so we made this template dynamically, so that admin can add a personal message.

  • Template SMS : One of the more remarkable features are SMS alerts, where we can make a successful template SMS forn reservations, cancel the event.

  • Testimonials : Make testimonials and make them appealing to your users.

  • Callback Request : The theme has a widget, where every visitor can request a callback, all these details are stored in the system, where the admin can follow up manually.

  • Demand Support : Registered users may send requests to the admin support, all of this is recorded and available to administrators for further investigation.

  • Manage Booking : Booking Admin can manage daily, she could see all the booking details in this module.

  • System Settings : the setting is a more powerful module, where the admin can set the general case, the Optional Fields, currency, payment gateway, Taxes, additional fees, billing, licensing and more.

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