Taxi Booking System

Are you looking for the Taxi Booking System App and Web, holding all the newfangled features? Do you want an App/Web which is user-friendly and offers a hassle-free ride to your customers? Or seeking an App and Web that works effectively on both Android and IOS systems? Semiosis Software answers all the queries.

Gone are the days when waiting for the Taxi was a dreary, debilitating task. Taxi Booking System Apps have made it pretty easy and time-saving. No waiting for long hours, no squabbling for fare, just one click, and you are ready for the joyride.

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Taxi Booking System App and Web

Our Taxi Booking System App/Web is the most convenient way of booking a ride that vouches for a secure, dependable, and proficient service. The more comfortable the system is, the more satisfied the customer is.

Here are the specifics of features served in our Taxi Booking System App and Web:

Commuter’s perks

  • Notifications and Alerts– Messages through Notification alerts, SMSs, E-mails keep you connected with the users. 
  • Schedule Pre-Booking– Users can stay assure to reach every event on time, with the feature of scheduled booking.
  • Rate Driver, Ride Feedback– Easy steps to rate the ride and the driver and view his report.
  • Automated Fare Calculation – Trouble-free automated fare calculation lets the user know the fare in advance.
  • Display Booking Record– Enable the user to view booking and travel history anytime.
  • Multiple Alternatives for Payment– Multiple options for the user to make easy payment. 
  • Emergency Contact– Save the number to contact in an emergency.
  • Follow Ride in Real-time– Allow others to follow the ride live. 
  • Easy Sign-up– Registration process with easy guidelines at each step. Sign up through basic details and agree to the terms and conditions to get registered.
  • Be In charge of Profile– Easy ways of editing and managing Profiles let you be In-charge of the process.
  • User-Focused Booking Process– Easily noticeable points on the home screen to make the booking process simple for even first-time users.
  • Estimated Wait time– Know the wait time to ease out the anticipation.
  • Taxi Confirmation– As soon as the booking is confirmed, it displays detailed information for the ride.
  • Virtual-Time Vehicle Monitoring– Track the vehicle live from booking till the end of the journey.
  • Resilient Billing System– Easy, flexible, and convenient billing system.
Taxi Booking App and Web
Taxi Booking System Admin’s Perks

Admin’s Perks

  • Supervise Driver– Admin views and manages driver’s activities.
  • Routes Check– View the route opted by the driver for the trip.
  • Tracking System– Allows tracking of cabs whenever required.
  • Promo Codes, Referral Programs– Manage promotional offers, discounts, and referral programs for the users.
  • Manage Feedbacks– Admin gets the access to manage feedbacks of drivers and customers.
  • Daily Reports– Admin can generate daily reports to check the transactions.
  • Set Geographical Boundary– Set geo-location limit for cab booking.

Driver’s Perks

  • Update the Accessibility– It helps in updating the availability by Drivers. 
  • Accept/Deny Booking Requests– Driver gets access to accept or deny the booking requests.
  • In-App Call and Chat– The driver can connect with the customer using these features before reaching the location.
  • Real-Time Map Navigation– Helps in reaching the exact destination with no confusion.
  • Automated fare Calculation– Automatic calculation leaves no chance of error, and the driver gets the justified fare.
  • Check Reviews and Ratings– Viewing reviews and the rating aid in getting a clear picture of customers satisfaction.  
  • Online/Offline Payments– Availability of both options leaves the driver with all rides paid.
  • Earn While you Wait– Extra earnings option in case of long waiting than the allowed time.
Taxi Booking System Driver’s Perks
Taxi Booking System Advanced Services

Advanced Services

  • Driver Availability Calculation– This feature calculates the lined-up drivers in an area and informs the user about the same.
  • Multiple Drop-offs– It allows more than one drop-off location.
  • Multiple Bookings/Pooling – More than one user can book the same cab through the pooling system.
  • Surge Charges– Surge the price, earn profit in the cab shortage and high demand.
  • Multiple Booking with the Same Account – An important feature that allows the user to book multiple cabs with the same account. 
  • Shield the Phone Number– The Drivers and Users can use in-app call services, keeping the phone number hidden.
  • Book Cab for Other Locations– The User can book the cab for someone else at a different location.
  • Push SOS– SOS button to safeguard the user, press it to share exact location and trip details to police in case of emergency.
  • Add a Tip– Tipping system for driver’s good services allows them to accept extra pay by the customer.
  • Layout Date– It allows the admin to disable the vehicle anywhere for a certain period.
  • Jam Pack System– It enables to set hourly Package Booking Services. Users can book any package based on the hourly system.
  • Call Back Request– With this system, visitors can request a callback. Admin can take a follow-up with the details stored in the system.
  • FAQs – It resolves the commonly asked queries of the user.

What is a Taxi Booking System?

Taxi Booking System involves an exclusive app that provides an interactive platform for users and drivers to book a cab online. In addition to taxi booking, the user-friendly interface offers features that assure a safe, convenient and professional approach to the taxi service.

What are the top 5 Features for a Taxi Booking app?

5 Must-have Features for Every Taxi Booking App:

  • GeoLocation – Pick-up and Drop Location.
  • Choice of vehicle – Type.
  • Confirm or Cancel Ride.
  • Virtual Tracking.
  • Payment alternatives.

What are the advantages of a Taxi Booking App?

Taxi Booking App is the easiest and convenient tool to attract an extensive group of users. The advantages include:

  • Get a customized version.
  • Virtual tracking of the complete process.
  • Hassle-free transaction – secure for provider and consumer both.
  • Growth at a quick pace.
  • Economical and affordable.

How To Build A Taxi App Like Grab? (Complete Guide For Entrepreneurs)

The Taxi Booking App development process comprises the following steps: Analyse the requirement, Design an attractive and user-friendly layout, Develop the application, Test it and then Launch the application.

What are the best practices and guidelines when creating a taxi booking page for mobile?

Taxi Booking App requires the combination of two Apps, one for users and one for the drivers. A separate panel for the admin allows managing the apps.

  • Bullet Points to Create a Taxi Booking Page are-
  • User-Friendly interface.
  • Simple yet Attractive Design.
  • Easy Navigation.
  • Combination of Basic and Advanced Features.
  • Envisioned Search.

How much does it cost to build a basic taxi app?

Cost determining factors to build a basic taxi app is The Requirements, Design of the App, Platforms (IOS or Android), and the additional desired features in the apps.

How much does the development for taxi-booking mobile apps cost?

Cost determining factors to build a basic taxi app is The Requirements, Design of the App, Platforms (IOS or Android), and the additional desired features in the apps. Clone or Ready-made applications are the quick and affordable solutions for Taxi-Booking mobile apps.

How much would it cost to design and develop an iPhone app like Uber?

Factors that determine the cost of developing an Uber-like iPhone app include the requirements, design, and extra features added. The average estimated development cost for an Uber-like taxi booking app for iPhone is about $55k.

Which is the best cab-booking website development company?

The top 5 global car-booking website development companies are Semiosis Software, MobiSoft, Appypie, ValueCoders and Devico Solutions.

Semiosis Software is a globally renowned Web and Mobile Application Design and Development Services. It has successfully endowed the Services in the IT and E-Commerce sectors. We have marked our Grand presence in the Web World and are among the Top Software Solutions Company worldwide.

How is an Uber clone app best for starting a Taxi Booking Business?

Using Uber Clone is always a better choice to start a Taxi Booking System as it is Time and Cost-effective. It automatically takes care of most of the basic and advanced functions. Analyze the App and get the extra presumed features added easily in the Uber Clone App.